Locksmith center "Кеймания" Veliko Tarnovo


 The locksmith center is one of the - largest in town Veliko Tarnovo. We have available two rooms located on the street Marno pole №13. We do our work well, thanks to our high-tech machines, our professionalism and software programs we have.

 We offer a variety of services that can be found below.

 We also work with world-renowned manufacturers of key blanks and softwares like SILCA, JMA, KeyLine, ERREBI, Advanced Diagnostics and others.





  • have a problem with the key that is worn, not spinning or is broken;
  • have a problem with your autokey that is lost or is locked up in your car or just does not work;
  • your patron, lock or avtopatron does not work;
  • and many other problems that are related to your locking system;


, do not worry about it.

Contact us and we will help you!
Phone: 0899 821 665